The Goji Island Timeline

You may not add pages to the Goji Island Timeline or it's category "Monsters living on Goji Island" without asking it's creator (Gigan389)

Help Wanted

This wiki needs help. The wiki lacks a great amount of pages. If you join the wiki, look below at the rules of the Wiki.

Welcome to the Gigan389 Wiki

On this wiki you will find the things that people have created and other things as well. Gigan389 wiki is a wiki that any one can join post all the kaiju pages you wan't.


-monsters,aliens,kaiju and dinosaurs that are in films,comic books and some video games.


  • If you add a page, it must have at least one paragraph.
  • All pages must have photos.
  • If you want to post a Godzilla Fanon page tell the wiki founder, and wait for aprooval.
  • If you are to write a creepypasta, they must be on blogs, contain an image, and be original content. The using of Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, and The Rake is aloud, but it has to be a story with those characters that YOU wrote.
  • If you see that the wiki is at 665 pages DO NOT add any pages, because the 666th page is being reserved for Jeff the Killer.
  • If you add a page about a monster with Fanon Info, add it to the page, Example. Also, if you write a Fanon Page, add the info to the monster's page.
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